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All text is the copyright of Frankarlin Inc, and is used with kind permission of the respective authors. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any material form without the written permission of the copyright owner except in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Any authorised act in this respect may lead to legal proceedings, including a civil claim for damages.

read this, and reflect...

"If the world were only coloured black and white life would be simple,
but the colours continue to elude us. We need to keep turning the
diamond around to see what other shafts of light teach us, to be
in closer contact with why we are here."

- Leeann Botham

what follows is a collection of poems and reflections from
various people around the world. All have been used with
kind permission and are copyrighted to Frankorp Inc.


Yes, I can see you laying there,
wondering what I am going to do.
So, you think you can lay there,
just waiting for me to make my move?
Oh no, it is not I who shall move,
if it is me you want that you must come for me.

Watch me, yes you can see I am walking away,
I am going to sit down now.
That's right, I am going to just switch on the PC,
oh but you don't want me to, do you?
You like to think you have power over me,
keeping control of what I do.

You have no idea how hard it is for me to sit here,
oh, you do.
Well, yes, you are right,
it is almost beyond my power of will.
But I cannot give in,
if I do I will be giving in forever.
Is that what you really think,
I have been giving in for over ten years?

Ah, it would be so easy to switch this off,
to turn to you.
Move across the room and take you in my hands,
consume you while you consume me.
That would be so easy,
to get inside you and immerse myself.
You want to wrap me up, don't you,
hide me from this world for a while?

Okay, yes I am leaving this PC behind,
I am walking over to you.
Allow me to take you the way I like,
the way we both like.
I have you in my hands now,
I open you up.
The fantasy begins and I sink into you,
this is how it ought to be, just me and you.
My book.

by andie j.p. frankham


What is this thing about race?
Always we are talking about colours,
the ones we see on each others face.

As the years pass we see attitudes change.
People begin to let each other be,
as the love of humanity hits a new range.

Race is never the point, you see.
It comes down to shades and tone,
the subtle difference between you and me.

Only one race that is what we are.
So leave the bigotry and hatred,
the fear that leaves the scar.

Look passed the external.
See the same soul of man,
the blood that flows eternal.

It comes down to one fact.
All humanity was made by God,
and nothing can change that.

A little love is all we need.
If someone looks like they need love,
do something for them and plant that seed.

by andie j.p. frankham


For a whole life,
what has been constant?
The many lonely tears,
that I cry for me.

To be held by someone,
and feel their embrace so near.
When all is said and done,
I have me to hold on to me.

Thoughts and inspiration,
the desire to go on.
If I want to be a success,
then I just look to me.

Dreams and aspirations,
the future for me to see.
The joy of holding a son,
knowing he is part of me.

The grave beckons,
now that I have succeded.
My life is at an end but,
my children carry my legacy on for me.

by andie j.p. frankham

The Sea

The roots stretch to the sea,
Yet they cannot reach,
The distance seeming ever so far,
And the water reluctant.
The sand keeps them held back,
And they cannot escape.
It seems to give them home,
But what gives them life?
The sea kisses the shoreline,
But does it stop here?
Unseen, it makes its way through,
It cannot be held.
The roots stretch to the sea,
Yet they cannot reach.
The distance is far, yes, but the sea,
The sea reaches out.
It cannot be held,
It consumes all.

by Russ Fellows

In My Defense

My soul stands naked,
my eyes closed.
For my soul is staring back.
Accusingly black.
"You. You who are His image,
but follow this world,
what do you have to say for yourself?
You with the smile that's fooling the world.

by Judith Brits

Chosen One

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
Chosen at the beginning of eternity,
Saved from death and suffering.
Now in my Saviourís eye,
Loved by Him, but I just donít know why.
Indebted beyond a payable sum,
Nothing that I can do,
But You paid the price that set me free,
So that I can come to You.

Sinful beyond reality, trapped in a lie,
But if it was not for You I would die.
By grace alone was I redeemed,
To give glory to the Lord on high,
Dying on a rugged cross for you and I.
Running the race to the claim the prize.
A crown on my head,
To hear the Lord in Heaven,
Iím alive, not dead.

by Simon Coutuex & andie j.p. frankham


What is life all about,
When you have the answer,
But donít let it out.
Itís like having the cure,
For a deadly disease,
But keeping it inside,
For your own selfish greed.
Then one day you wonder,
Why you didnít tell,
All your lost friends,
Who died and went to Hell.
So, donít let this poem,
Be your life portrait,
But go tell others that they shouldnít forfeit,
The life they could have,
With Godís own Son,
Jesus Christ, the Great ĎI AMí.

by Russell L. Dryden

The Irony

For it is for freedom that Christ has set us free;
the Bible tells us so, and so does the Christian maxim.
Yet we a bonded in chains,
constricted in movement.
We cannot move without having to account for our steps.
To justify our actions.

Freedom, indeed!
It is ironic, is it not?

And yet we are held captive by the world, the flesh, the devil;
the Bible tells us so, and so does the Christian maxim.
But I see the freedom the world offers,
to choose our own paths.
With determination and passion we can shape our own destinies.
The indomitable human spirit.

Yes, freedom indeed!
It is ironic, is it not?

by andie j.p. frankham

A brief interlude:
When Holmes And Watson Went Camping

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip.
After a good meal and a bottle of wine
they lay down for the night, and went to sleep.
Some hours later, Holmes awoke and nudged his faithful friend.
"Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see."
Watson replied, "I see millions and millions of stars."
Holmes asked, "What does that tell you?"
Watson pondered for a minute. "Astronomically, it tells me that
there are millions of galaxies and potentially
billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that
Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is
approximately a quarter past three. Meteorologically,
I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow.
Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful
and that we are small and insignificant. What does it tell you?"
Holmes was silent for a minute, then spoke.
"Watson, you idiot. Someone has stolen our tent."

by author unknown...

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