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"Let me pass now from fiction into legend." - Lestat (Memnoch The Devil)

The Vampire Chronicles

courtesy of...


my tribute to one of the greatest writers of our age
... Anne Rice. The author of the most sensual and
seductive books of the twentieth century, and
hopefully she will continue to be so well into
the twenty-first!

...The Vampire Chronicles consist of...

Interview With The Vampire
The Vampire Lestat
The Queen Of The Damned
The Tale Of The Body Thief
Memnoch The Devil
(New Tales Of The Vampires)
The Vampire Armand
Vittorio The Vampire
(New Tales Of The Vampires)

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Anne Rice Forum
Trivial Pursuits
The Lestat Fan Club

Lestat's Response

Like a wind sweeping across the ocean,
change has been rocking from side to side,
as questions and doubts swarm in my mind and heart.
Faith, hope, and the God who has been a shadow in my life,
each have been nawed at,
chewed like dainty morsels by the vagarious nature of modern living.

Mayhaps it is true what I was told?
In our hearts we know that God exists,
but we both hate and have not forgiven Him.
For He created Nature, in all of its forms,
He let us fight for survival,
let Nature kill one thing so that another may live.

Is that justice, is that fair?
Can not God stop this if He wanted to?
The Devil is not the accuser of man, but of God.
Sheol means gloom, it is not the grave,
but very much part of this life.

Please explain how God can relate to our sufferings,
on the Cross He knew He would rise again,
He was never man enough to die as one of us.
Always God, always with a secret plan.
Tell me, with God, where do we stand?

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